Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Project Exelente: Video Resources for Using eXe in Training and Distance Education

Here's the link to the Exe-Lente channel: http://www.youtube.com/myexelente

Last November 2008 my teacher at UPOU, Prof. Alejo J. Santos assigned our class to create a project called "Exelente". It aimed to produce video tutorials on how to apply the elearning XHTML editor (eXe) to the following target audience:
  1. Basic Education (Private School) Audience
  2. Basic Education (Public School) Audience
  3. Higher Education (Private School) Audience
  4. Corporate Communications
  5. NGO or Cause-Oriented Communications
Here is Prof. Santos' introduction to the project:

eXe is available at http://exelearning.org/.

My classmates really worked hard on the project and our work is now published for everyone at

Here is a sample from mabelcand:

Please visit our channel and give us some feedback. TIA :-)

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