Monday, December 21, 2009

Trying to create a PLE in Tagalog

I've been a bit quiet lately in this blog and I also failed to finish CCK09... again.  I only participated up to the 3rd forum in CCK08 and in CCK09, I only managed up to the 5th forum (I think).  It's because my mind wandered towards how to experience and communicate Connectivism in Tagalog.

I'm bilingual.  I speak Tagalog and English.  Tagalog is my first language, my language at home and in my community.  English is a language I use at work, at school, in business and in communicating online with an international English speaking community.  I cannot learn anything if it is only in one of these two languages.  For me to learn something there should be parallel subnetworks of new knowledge in my brain, otherwise I will forget it.  I have to translate in order to learn.

So what I've been doing lately is developing my Tagalog PLE at  The Tagalog word "ugnay" means connection.  Hopefully I would be able to share what I've learned about distance education, and connectivism with Tagalog speakers.

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