Monday, November 22, 2010

MUD and MUSH integration wish

James Wagner Au appears to have differentiated MUD and MUSH as follows: mud is primarily about battles and exploration while mush is about collaborative building and socialization. This is currently the same difference between MMORPG and collaborative virtual worlds.

I wish these were integrated in a way that I can use the same appearance of my avatar; and my inventory in one world and another. Probably this would require a viewer that could translate the avatar and inventory files (scripts, meshes, animation etc.) from one game to another.

I wonder if the Ryzom-core's client and WorldForge's ember can be integrated this way? Ryzom is an mmorpg while WorldForge is moving toward's virtual worlds. And they are both free software (gpl).

This way educators can have the best of both worlds. A strong narrative-systems sim world MMO and a collaborative-social virtual world.


Au, J.W.(2008). The making of Second Life. Notes from the new world. Harper Collins.

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