Thursday, February 3, 2011

Appending SNAPP graphml files in Gephi

  1. Browse a Moodle forum, 
  2. Click the bookmark link to the SNAPP
  3. Copy the export tab-graphml data
  4. Paste in a text document with the extension .graphml
  5. Open in Gephi and append other files.

Unfortunately tie strengts are not preserved. It may be a problem with SNAPP or Gephi, but I don't really know why.

Warning: There is an error in the graphml file export of the Moodle SNA tool. Use SNAPP instead.  The error is in the following tag:

<edge source="A" target="B"/>1</edge>

The extra forward slash / in the <edge> tag causes the problem. Gephi will not be able to open the graphml file from the Moodle SNA tool.

Perhaps a better solution is to create a VNA importer for Gephi and use the scripts here to extract and anonymize the data. Unfortunately I'm still working on my Graduate project and I can only look into this after my project is finished.

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