Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How to install eXe on an Ubuntu Intrepid AMD64

Update: As of Nov. 4, 2009 I do not recommend python2.5-exe package be installed in Ubuntu Karmic Koala even with dpkg --force-architecture --force-depends. Doing so will result in a blank window. It may have something to do with the name change in python2.5-zopeinterface to pythong2.5-zope.interface. It may not be just an addition of a period but may also be changes in the zope package itself. Still need time to check this out. In the meantime you may install wine and then install the windows version of exe.

The eXe package for ubuntu at is only for i386. If one tries to install this on an Ubuntu AMD64 there will be an architecture error displayed.

Download the latest package of eXe for linux here:

Install ia32-libs first, so that the Ubuntu amd64 can run i386 packages. Also make sure you have python-zopeinterface, python-twisted and python-nevow installed. Yo can open a terminal and copy paste the following code:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs python-zopeinterface python-twisted python-nevow

Then cd to where you downloaded the eXe package and in the terminal, install exe with this code (replace the name of the file with what you have downloaded from Eduforge):

sudo dpkg -i --force-architecture python2.5-exe_1.04.0.3532-ubuntu1_i386.deb

Then fire up eXe by typing exe in the terminal window. Of course if your using i386 flavor of Ubuntu you'll just dpkg -i

Here's a video tutorial from mescareal on how to install it in Windoze:

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