Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gtk-recordmydesktop quits and says "can't write to file"

If gtk-recordmydesktop suddenly quits and says "can't write to file" when you click Record try the following. Click on "Advanced" button.

Then "Files" tab, and "Save as" button. Change the Working directory by selecting a new directory for your temporary files. Then try recording again.

I've experienced this when Gtk-recordmydesktop or recordmydesktop was upgraded to the getdeb package. Gtk-recordmydesktop is the GUI of recordmydesktop. If the above fails, you may simply open a terminal button and type:


type the following for help and options.

recordmydesktop --help
info recordmydesktop

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  1. Hi, had the same problem... Solution is here (post #2):


    It works for me! :)


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