Thursday, June 18, 2009

My proposed general connectivist model of distance learning


Roel P. Cantada

Figure 1: General connectivist model of distance learning

The charactersitics of the network

  1. 3-mode
  2. multi-relational
  3. signed
  4. allows for arcs and edges
  5. allows for timeslice generation

The model is not static but is dynamic. It must be modified depending on the data from real world observations. It can also be modified in time.


Figure 2: Student relations

Figure 3: Teacher relations

Figure 4: Adaptive system relations

I believe the model can be used to model precedent theories. It will generate similar and new testable hypotheses that relate variables from and across those theories. In other words I think this model synthesizes what has been done in earlier distance education theories.

But this is still a work-in-progress. There is a need to develop the mathematical analysis associated with this kind of network and restate past hypotheses in terms of these computations.

pajek data file (1.56 kb) :

See this blog for application:

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