Saturday, June 20, 2009

Useful tools for manipulating the general model

Some useful free tools for manipulating the general connectivist model of distance learning

data mining
Rweka (requires R)
book - Witten, I.H., & Frank, E. (2005). Data mining. Practical machine learning tools and techniques (2nd ed.). Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann.

network analyis
book De Nooy, W., Mrvar, A., & Batagelj, V. (2005). Exploratory network analysis with Pajek. Cambridge: Cambridge University.
agent-based simulation

general number crunching

timeslicing & animation
pajek & svganim & svg viewer

3d visualization
blender - 3d visualization if pajek network is exported to to x3d.

Notice that the labels are not imported by Blender. Perhaps you can import the 2d eps to have the labels as paths. My model is not symmetric in 3d because when I was trying to present it in 2d a lot of the lines are on top of each other so I moved nodes so that all the ties can be seen.

blender file (276.6 kb):

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