Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How to use Tomboy Notes in Writing a Research Report

Tomboy notes is available at


Ubuntu Linux

It is included in Ubuntu Linux by default. Unfortunately the package is still base on version 0.14.0. What you need is version 0.14.2 for better performance. For Jaunty you could download and install with gdebi Chris Irwin's ppa here . Or Nick B.'s (PPA means Personal Package Archives)

If your daring, you may want to test the development 0.15+ version with Mario Manno's ppa here or xpd259's

For intrepid, the best thing I could find is Antons Rebguns ppa here which is version 0.14.1


For windows follow the installation here You'll need gtk-sharp. I used this on a vista .


Once you have it installed follow my youtube demo here:

The cited text in the demo came from the IRRODL journal.

Have fun

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  1. This is a great video, thank you for making this!


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